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One of the situations that dogs bear the least is loneliness. This causes that their behavior is not the most appropriate when they are alone at home, since they are one of the most social animals in nature and the fact of living in a herd is not a coincidence, but a necessity. When a puppy lives with a family, they see how many times that herd of which they are part leaves, leaving them in complete solitude, causing situations of anguish, boredom, stress, anxiety and more.

These different emotions lead him to change their behavior, that is why excessive barking, breaking objects, their needs everywhere, crying, gutted cushions, gnawed carpets, leaky walls, etc.


The answer is yes, but it will depend on your 4pawsfriend. There are dogs that are more insecure and more dependent than others.

Incorporating a series of guidelines into their routine will help your 4pawsfriend have a less bad time being alone, and even that when we get home we will be pleasantly surprised that everything is the same as when we left.

 Run out your puppy's energy.

Normally, many people get up in a hurry, take their dog out for them to do their needs, and rush home to drop them off and go to work. The dog has been sleeping all night and wakes up with recharged batteries. It is the time of day when they have the most energy and it is precisely in the morning when we let the least energy run out.

If you want 4pawsfriend dog to stay more relaxed, you will have to do more intense physical activities with them before leaving them alone. You can start with a longer walk than usual, play with them to throw a ball or a Frisbee, this will help them exhaust more energy.

When you notice them slightly tired and with depleted energy, you can go calmly, and your dog will rest relaxed in their bed.


Silence doesn't help.

Many dogs that are left alone hear noises that can cause insecurity and use barking to "scare away" that fear. You can put relaxing music in the background, this will prevent them from hearing external noises and will make them feel more comfortable.


Boredom is one of the worst enemies.

Staying so many hours is only very boring if you have nothing to do. Leave at least 2 toys that they can exclusively play with when left alone. Never leave toys that are always within reach of the "leg". The novelty of the toy will make you pay more attention and entertain more hours.


Don't let them have access to the whole house.

If you let the dog go around the house it is more difficult to control the dangers that it faces. Ideally, check that there are no hazards such as cables, plants, chemicals, or small objects that they can chew on and swallow. In that sense, having the stay controlled safely will make your dog safe, in case it happens to bite or destroy something.


Leave the Kong (or whatever brand they have) of 4pawsbox within reach.

This wonderful toy can keep your 4pawsfriend entertained for hours. The more complicated you put it, the more entertaining it will be. The toy has several holes through which you can add various sweets mixed with pasta or pate, you leave it in the fridge and when you leave you leave the Kong where your dog is. Can you imagine the time it will take between licking and trying to get the treats out of it? The Kong is designed for that and it works.


Beware of dependency.

Without realizing it we make our dogs more dependent, how? Not giving them their space. If you decide to share a bed or sofa with your dog, that is fine as long as the dog is a balanced and not very dependent dog. The problem is that with these actions, especially when they are a puppy, we make them become dependent and suffer more from the consequences of separation.


By following these tips, your puppy will appreciate it and greatly improve his behavior when it comes to being alone.

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