Throughout your life with your inseparable companion you will face many first times, first times that you will remember with great affection and others that not so much. The first night in their new home will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable nights they have ever spent, either because they did not let you sleep or because you could not sleep because of how excited you were.


This moment can be very different depending on the age of the dog.


If it's a puppy ...

Have you seen how shy they are and how funny they seem with their clumsy movements?


They have already known what their home will be like and they have danced freely around the house and you have even set up a "special corner" for them.


Do you know why a puppy's first night at home is so stressful?

They lived in another place with their mother and brothers and now suddenly everything is different. Most puppies are adopted around two months of age, it is then, after having spent so many days with their mother and siblings, when the puppy feels totally disoriented in your home and in lonely moments (nights) may start to cry. What they are experiencing is stress, and we would too if the same thing happened to us. Be tolerant: this behavior is very common and requires our patience and affection.

We will start by placing their bed in a little corner without much fuss and where you make sure that they will rest like a king. It can be in your room, in a room just for them, in the living room, in the kitchen... The possibilities are many and the choice is up to you. Keep in mind that many dogs are calmer if at first, from their bed, they can see their new "parents".

When the puppy has already adapted to all the news, between the change of house, family and routine, their bed can be moved little by little to the final place that you had in mind. What you never have to do is take them to bed to sleep with you if after a month you are going to want to educate them to sleep in their bed and not go up to yours. Consistency will be a critical part of your puppy's education. So, you know, the sooner you start with the education the better. Do not forget that a well-behaved animal will provide you with greater happiness and stability.


Leave some toys available. Even though you may not have time to play with all of them on the first day, being surrounded by stuffed animals is sure to entertain them in case you wake up in the middle of the night. A puppy always wants to play. In this way, if they wake up, there is less chance that they will look for you to play and dedicate themselves to the stuffed animal that you previously left them.

Make sure you have given them a good dinner so that they go to bed with a full belly and make sure they have done his business before going to sleep. Likewise, when you get up in the morning you are likely to have surprises: they still do not control their needs well, so put some newspapers nearby and that's it.


Right before you put them down on their bed, avoid raising their arousal level by setting up a fun play session. Reserve this session for another time, now it is better for the puppy to relax while the rhythm of activities around him slow down and the whole house prepares to go to sleep.


When you have made all these preparations you can go to bed but be careful: the most difficult part begins here. When you are in bed and the dog starts crying you will have to be strong and ignore them or they will learn to cry to get your attention. Don't worry, they will soon get tired and you will be able to rest. The following nights will be much quieter. However, if you have the puppy in sight and it has started crying in the middle of the night, a quick glance will ensure that all is well, some puppies will wake up and whine because they have to relieve themselves.


It may not have been the night you slept the most, but you will remember it with some longing, and you will see that your puppy quickly gets used to what will be their true home.

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