Congratulations on being the proud owner of 4pawsfriend! Welcoming a 4pawsfriend into your home is a wonderful experience. The special, close relationship you form with your 4pawsfriend will now last a lifetime.


Of course, you will train your 4pawsfriend in the correct behaviors but before all that, it is important that they feel loved, safe and secure in their new home and with the people who are going to form their new family.


Coming home!

Possibly the memory of your 4pawsfriend entering the house for the first time, will be one of the most memorable memories you have. Make that moment perfect. The whole family has to be united. Enjoy the experience and don't pester them with too much pampering, at least not yet ...


If you have decided to adopt and open the doors of your home and your heart to an abandoned animal, many of the guidelines to follow must have been explained to you from the reception center. Anyway, in 4pawsbox we give you some recommendations.

Cross the door with both right legs!


It's a saying, just let them in, they may be shy, don't worry, give them time. Do not show them the house as a guest, in fact, let them roam around the rooms so that they smell everything they have to smell and that they are surprised again and again of all those strange and new sounds and smells but try to avoid being scared . Watch them and enjoy their animal instinct.


Welcome home!

After your exhaustive olfactory analysis and after having reviewed your new home, we can show you its spaces.

We will mark the areas of leisure and need so that from the first moment it is clear that you are part of a new family. Ideally, you should prepare the home and your things before your arrival.


First, prepare a rest area, where they will go to nibble on any toys or rest peacefully. Place them in a quiet place in the house but without isolating them. Your new partner has to feel a part of family life even when lying comfortably in bed.


It is also very important to have a space to eat and drink.

Find out about the diet and routines you practiced before adopting it and adapt it, little by little, to their new schedules. You will surely discover a parallel universe around food. Take your time and don't skimp on what will be very important to them.


Designate a space to relieve themselves in case there is something unforeseen. Adopted dogs adapt easily and adapt quickly to the routine of their owners, you will have no problem teaching them to relieve themselves in the street unless you adopt a puppy, in this case, you will have to prepare a lined space with newspaper and clean the area where you relieve yourself very well, be careful with using toxic products and products that contain ammonia.

A house that is immune to everything!


Puppies are curious. Avoid accidents and place cleaning products, electrical cables, toxic plants and other objects that may attract their attention out of reach. Later you will teach them how to behave but for now it is preferable to anticipate problems and create a safe environment. If you have adopted an adult dog, this aspect is less important but also the first days it is better to avoid accidents and to observe how they behave in their new home.


With one leg at home and another at the vet!


Stop by that good veterinarian that you have been recommended, and discover everything your pet needs, from vaccinations to how to socialize them, if they are a puppy. Update your card and do not forget the microchip, so we will have our 4pawsfriend in perfect condition so that they can walk without problems. Depending on the type of breed we adopt, different procedures will have to be carried out. It is very important to know everything about our 4pawsfriend and thus avoid surprises.


The routine will be your ally!


The routine will be your best ally and especially of your dog, you will see that you will get rid of many battles, in this way, everyone will be happier. Establish routines according to your rhythm of life, respect them so that your dog knows when they will eat, when they will relieve themselves and when they will play. You will see that with routine you will understand your new friend better and they will understand you. By the way, don't forget to hug them a little more now.


Clear rules from the start!


Teach them good habits from the beginning, and don't wait for them to develop bad habits before correcting them. Be consistent and patient - it's the best way to get your relationship off to a good start. If you don't want them to get on the sofa, get them used to sleeping in their bed from the beginning and to respecting the “forbidden zone”.


Teach them to wait before eating or going for a walk, to stand up when you tell them to and don't forget their name. they still don't know their name. And if they come from a shelter and already have a name, nothing happens: if you like it, you keep it and, if don’t, you can change it.


Use rewards to teach and education will become a fun time that will strengthen the bond. They will understand what you want, and you will enjoy a stable and friendly dog.


There are a lot of things! But don't forget that, above all, the moment your new 4pawsfriend arrives home is going to be a very special moment. Enjoy and think that it is the beginning of a beautiful relationship of loyalty, love, company.

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